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ICCP Education Foundations

The ICCP Education Foundation is a 501c3 Charitable organization. It focuses on:

  1. Conducting research and development in learning outcomes assessment for academic programs and their correlation with students' GPA scores. The primary aim is to aid institutions in upholding teaching quality and aligning their programs with the needs of business and industry in their respective regions.

  2. Engaging in research and development concerning emerging areas of job requirements and skills through the examination of job titles and skills advertisements across various media platforms. The ICCPEF's Center for Computing Education Research (CCER) offers particular advantages in these two domains.

  3. Collaborating with donors and companies to establish and sustain student scholarships on a global scale.

  4. Promoting ICCP certified holders to become donors, thereby facilitating disadvantaged learners in accessing funds to support their education.

  5. Working in partnership with organizations like Excelsior University and Western Governors University to assist individuals who pursue academic credentials later in life, especially by utilizing ICCP examinations to provide academic credits.

  6. Collaborating with companies and students to facilitate on-the-job training opportunities through work internships.

  7. Developing international relations with India and Southeast Asia through conferences, education programs, and certifications.

The Education Foundation is headed up by Dr. Abi Pandya at Florida Atlantic University. Other members of the ICCP Education Foundation are:

  • Dr. Stuart Varden, Excelsior University & Pace University

  • Dr. Bel Raggad, Pace University

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