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Affiliate Societies

An affiliate society is one that offers courses, promotes the certifications or supports the ICCP and its professional credentials in the global market. It is a supporter of the ICCP and its programs & provides for increasing standards and professionalism in the industry and profession as a whole.


There is a financial obligation to market professionalism, code of ethics, and credential programs.​ An initial application fee is required plus each affiliate society must provide ICCP with links to marketing of ICCP programs in the regions they serve.


Affiliate societies may recommend individuals to serve on the ICCP Certification Council.

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    An Affiliate Society is one that promotes Certification and has a common interest in testing, measurement, education and credentialing of professionals in the business, computer and data analytics industries.

    Affiliate societies may send representatives to ICCP Board meetings, but do not possess a vote on the Board.

    Affiliate Society members may join ICCP Board Committees to develop programs, policies and procedures.

    Please complete the following expression of interest form below to request an application to become an affiliate society. Affiliate society membership fees are $350.


Downers Grove, IL

Big Data International

Beijing, China

Hong Kong Computer Society

Hong Kong, HK

​BRS Professional Learning Services

​Hong Kong, HK

​Business Technology Association

Turnersville, NJ

​Computer Measurement Group

Kansas, MO

​Information Systems Consultants Association

Atlanta, GA

​Society of Computer Professionals

Scotch Plains, NY

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