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Certified Computing Professional

About the Certification

The CCP program was developed to measure the knowledge and experience of senior-level computer software/system developers, business and systems analysts: that is, to measure knowledge appropriate to the management of information processing; and test for knowledge and experience in the principles and practices of information systems development, information resource management and related disciplines. 

This program continues to be the premier certification for senior professionals in the computer industry with many CIOs in fortune 1000 companies holding the credential for the duration of their careers and involvement with the industry.

Professionals may specialize and certify in many of the following areas. Choose the specialization suited to your experience and career goals. The following Job Roles and specialty credentials are catered for within this credential, leading to senior positions as CIO, CDO, CTO, CSO - Information, Data, Technology and Security. Knowledge and experience in the following specialty examination areas provides for multiple career paths and laddering. Examinations are available in the following areas:

  • Big Data

  • Blockchain

  • Business Information Systems

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Business Process Management

  • Cyber Security

  • Data & Information Quality

  • Data Communication & Internetworking

  • Data Foundations

  • Data Governance & Stewardship

  • Data Integration & Interoperability

  • Data Management

  • Data Modeling / Data Development

  • Data Science

  • Data Warehousing

  • Database Administration (Data Operations & Security)

  • IS Management

  • IT Consulting

  • IT Project Management

  • Microcomputing & Networking

  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design

  • Office Information Systems

  • Procedural (Advanced) Programming

  • Public Sector Data Governance

  • Software Engineering

  • Systems (Operating) Programming

  • Systems Development

  • Systems Security

  • Web Development

  • Zachman Enterprise Architecture

Please note that the CCP credential is only available at the Master, Principal, or Executive Level. For professionals in their early career, please refer to the Associate Computing Professional (ACP) credential. 

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Information Systems Core Exam Business & Technology Management (Business Core) Exam





Second Exam by Specialization (please see the list above)

Third Exam by Specialization (please see the list above)



Passing Requirements

70% or higher

Professional Requirements

Adherence to the ICCP Code of Ethics

Minimum 4 years of experience


Professional Level

Certification Levels

Note: If you've achieved a foundation credential by taking the foundation level exams you must retake the exams at 90 minute duration (but at a significantly reduced member price) for any of the higher levels which are extended duration and variety examinations.

Certification Levels

About the Certification

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