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Business Data Management Professional

About the Certification

The BDMP is a business focused credential the the for Business Data Management Professionals. The ICCP examinations are kept fresh with current subject matter experts including authors, professors, and leading practitioners in industry.

The CDP, BDMP and Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP) uses broad and current industry scenario questions to evaluate professional competency and currency of knowledge - a comprehensive 3 exam requirement. You know you are getting an expert after an ICCP evaluation and certification.

​Business Data Professionals such as business data stewards may specialize and certify in many of the following areas. Choose the specialization suited to your experience and career goals.

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Passing Requirements

50% or higher

Professional Requirements

Adherence to the ICCP Code of Ethics


Foundational Level

Certification Levels

Note: If you've achieved a foundation credential by taking the foundation level exams you must retake the exams at 90 minute duration (but at a significantly reduced member price) for any of the higher levels which are extended duration and variety examinations.

Certification Levels

About the Certification

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