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Lapsed Credentials

If your status as a certified member has lapsed, please complete the following process:​

  1. Download the Continuing Education Verification Form, complete it, and sign it. 

  2. Complete the Application for Reinstatement Form and upload the completed Continuing Education Verification Form.

  3. Submit the Form. You will be automatically directed to a payment form, where you can pay any deficient annual membership fees (max. $500)

To calculate your deficient annual membership fees: 

  • Step 1: determine which tier your membership is (Associate - $35; Retired - $50; Regular - $75; or CBIP $125).

  • Step 2: determine the number of years when annual membership fees were not paid.

  • Step 3: multiply the membership tier by the number of years. For example, if a regular member has not paid in 5 years, multiply $75 by 5.

  • Step 4: if the calculated number is less than $500, please pay the exact amount. If the amount is over $500, please only pay $500. For example, $75 by 5 is $375, requiring the member to pay only $375. If they were a CBIP member with 5 years of late fees, that number would be $125 by 5, which equals $625. In that case, the member would only need to pay $500.

Thanks for submitting!

Application for Reinstatement Form
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