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Member Benefits

Professional Development & Growth

Ensures up-to-date skills through certification


Enhances performance and boosts professional growth


Provides a logical path to professional development and self-improvement through self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses

Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Connects with subject matter experts for problem-solving and support


Stimulates new ideas and facilitates idea-sharing with colleagues


Offers access to events with world-class speakers at discounted rates


Provides opportunities to meet and network with peers

Career Advancement

Offers the potential for career advancement.


Offers the potential for higher income.

Discounts & Referral Benefits

Discounted courses to support your continuous learning

Lower cost exams (pay $150 for a proctored exam instead of $350)

ICCP is offering Certified Members an opportunity to make money (or pay for your annual membership and credential renewal) when referring a friend who becomes certified.  Each Certified member will earn $75 for each examination that is taken by their referral. Each Candidate Member may earn up to $45 for each referral.  The referred individual must notify the ICCP of the member name & membership number

As a member of ICCP, you will enjoy numerous benefits that will help you succeed in your career. Benefit from access to expert training, professional development resources, and a supportive community of peers. Whether you're looking to advance your current position, start a new career, or network with industry professionals, ICCP is here to help you reach your goals.

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