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Submitting Professional Development (PD) Education Credits

You can use the form below to submit your Professional Development (PD) credits as you achieve them, or enter them into a spreadsheet and submit (download the file, enter in your training and education credits and load it up again in the PD Credits Submission form below).

  1. College/University Credit Course

    • 1 Quarter Hour = 8 PD credits

    • 1 Semester Hour = 12 PD credits

    • 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 10 PD credits

    • Note: All course credit information is to be converted to acceptable PD Credit hours before reporting.

  2. Seminar / Webinar or Vendor Course (1 PD hour for each hour of course)

  3. Conference/Symposium with Educational Content (1 PD hour for each hour of sessions attended)

  4. Professional Society Leadership / Volunteering  - 60 PD credits (max) per three year cycle.

  5. Company Sponsored Education Courses (1 PD hour for each hour of course)

  6. Teaching/Lecturing/Presentations Credit for initial presentation of educational material - 60 (max) PD credits per three year period.

  7. Self Study - 60 (max) PD credits per three year period.

  8. Published Article, Book, Monograph, Original book review (suitable for publication).

    • Published articles-One education credit for each 100 words. 60 hours (max) PD credits per three year period.

    • Published Textbook - 120 hours PD Credits per three year period

  9. ICCP Examinations: taking new examinations or retaking previously passed examinations.

    • 70% or higher - 120 PD Credits/Exam

    • 50% of higher - 60 PD Credits/Exam

  10. Attaining Other Certifications (including ICCP's new credentials) after credentialing with ICCP = 40 PD credits

Thanks for submitting!

PD Credits Submission Form
Please choose how you would like to record your PD Credits:
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