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Individuals interested in earning an ICCP certification must read and agree to adhere our Code of Ethics, submit a membership application and resume (CV), and pay a $45 Candidate Application Fee.  *All fees are non refundable.


ICCP Certification may be achieved by passing one or more examinations. Upon Certification to Associate level, the annual certification renewal fee is $35 on the first day after Certification anniversary date. Those credentialing at Practitioner, Mastery or Principal level pay annual ICCP certification renewal fees of $75. CBIP holders pay $125 per year in certification renewal fees, which includes ICCP membership, becoming due on the day after the first anniversary date of Certification. If you hold the CBIP and another ICCP credential you only pay the $125 per year in certification renewal fees.

Exceptions to the $45 Candidate Application Fee:

  1. CBIP applicants who are a paid TDWI member do not pay the initial Candidate Application Fee.

  2. Genpact Employees do not pay the candidate membership fee - negotiated corporate discount. On Certification, the applicable range of annual fees are due on the first day after certification anniversary date.

  3. Students are exempt from the initial $45 Candidate Application Fee, especially if they are taking or have taken examinations at universities who are part of the national assessment programs for computer science, information systems and information technology- those students may seek to purchase their credential immediately after passing the ACM model curriculum examinations in Computing Science, Information Systems or Information Technology.

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