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Learning Outcome Assessments

  • The institutions receive nationally-normed scenario-based examinations conducted by ICCP, a trusted third-party broker of performance analytics. These exams, designed by the ICCP standards council and university representatives, ensure continuous assessment of learning outcomes. They offer detailed insights into student learning outcomes, with a focus on individual items and program outcomes based on the national ACM/AIS/IEEE Model Curricula. Confidential reports highlight national and school-specific rankings of your students, reducing faculty workload and preserving teaching and research hours.

  • If your university is accredited or seeking accreditation, our assessment method aligns with several accreditation bodies such as AACSB, ABET, ACBSP, MSHE, NEASC-CIHI/CITC, NWCCU, HLC, SACS, and WASC-ACCJC/ACSCU. We offer external objective assessments of student performance for each course, ensuring your institution meets industry needs and reporting requirements. Our assessments help you maintain an up-to-date curriculum and provide defensible data to support your assertions.

  • Our assessment program offers various reports to support your institution's evaluation and improvement efforts:

    • Student Ranked Performance Scores: Compare student performance to internal GPA scores and publish research based on the results.

    • Course Learning Outcomes: Identify and address course quality issues over time to enhance the learning experience.

    • Program Outcomes: Demonstrate evidence of improving program learning outcomes over time.

    • ABET Learning Outcomes: Link course and program outcomes to ABET learning outcome standards.

    1. Associate Level Certificates: Students who achieve a score of 50% or higher on the exams are eligible to receive the following associate level certificates. These certificates acknowledge the foundational knowledge and skills demonstrated by students in their respective fields.

      • Information Systems Analyst (ISA)

      • Computer Science Associate (CSA)

    2. Advanced Level Certificates: These advanced certifications validate students' exceptional proficiency in their chosen domains and demonstrate their readiness for complex professional roles. Students who excel in specific CS/IS/IT exams by scoring 70% or higher can earn advanced level certifications, including:

      • Information Systems Analyst (ISA)

      • Certified Computer Scientist (CCS)

  • Students who score 50% or higher on the exams qualify for the Information Systems Analyst (ISA) or Computer Science Associate (CSA) certifications. For those who score 70% or higher on specific CS/IS/IT exams, they qualify for the Master Level of the Information Systems Analyst (ISA) credential or Certified Computer Scientist (CCS) credential. Upon passing the required exams, students may choose to pay a nominal certification fee to receive their certification and become members of ICCP. A certification from ICCP enhances the visibility of their resume in professional job applications within the industry. By joining, they gain access to various benefits, including the opportunity to maintain their skills through a 20-hour/year continuing professional education requirement. This commitment ensures that certified individuals stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements. Moreover, members are expected to uphold the ICCP code of ethics, promoting professional conduct, integrity, and accountability within the field. Adhering to these principles enhances the reputation of certified professionals and fosters trust among employers and clients. Our certification program not only recognizes students' achievements but also provides them with a pathway for ongoing professional development and a solid foundation for successful careers in the dynamic fields of information systems, computer science, and IT.

  • Our assessment program offers comprehensive longitudinal data on program and curriculum quality, saving valuable time for professors and administrators and preventing missed research and publication deadlines. By participating in our program, you gain access to reports on student performances, along with semi-annual reports based on nationally-normed criteria. The cost is $50 per student, up to a maximum of $2500 per semester for up to 100 students. Schools with over 100 students pay $20 for each additional student (schools with over 200 students pay $15 per additional student).

    1. Integration into Course Grade: To ensure students take the exams seriously, we emphasize the importance of including the exam as part of the course grade. This approach fosters a strong commitment to performance and encourages active engagement.

    2. Proctoring: All examinations are required to be proctored, ensuring the integrity and fairness of the assessment process. This maintains a controlled environment and upholds the highest standards of academic honesty.

    3. Flexible Exam Sessions: We understand the time constraints of short class periods. Therefore, our exam sessions can be conveniently split into two time slots, accommodating the scheduling needs of institutions, students, and instructors.

    4. Instant Computer-Graded Results: Our exams are computer-graded, providing immediate feedback on student performance. At the end of the timed exam, students receive their results, enabling them to assess their understanding of the material and identify areas for improvement.

    5. Real-Time Performance Feedback: Both students and faculty can instantly access their exam results, allowing them to assess performance levels immediately. This real-time feedback promotes a proactive approach to learning and facilitates timely intervention or recognition of achievement.

    6. Detailed Individual Performance Reports: We provide comprehensive individual performance reports in PDF format. These reports can be easily printed and stored on a local computer or network storage or printer. They offer a comprehensive overview of each student's strengths, weaknesses, and progress, facilitating personalized guidance and targeted support.

    7. Professional Certification Opportunity: Students who qualify have the opportunity to obtain a professional certification, which adds value to their job applications. Our certifications are offered at a low cost to students, further enhancing their career prospects in the competitive job market.

    8. Ease of Administration: Our assessment program is designed to be user-friendly and easy to administer. Exams can be conducted seamlessly on individual computers, via a network drive, through a remote desktop process, or browser access, streamlining the process for both students and instructors.

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Our Learning Outcome Assessments method is tailored specifically for 2-year and 4-year university programs, community college programs, and professional certification for graduating students. It provides comprehensive evaluations of students, curriculum effectiveness, and program alignment with industry needs. Additionally, students have the opportunity to qualify for professional certifications as Computer Science Associate or Certified Computer Scientists (CSA or CCS) or Information Systems Analysts (ISA).


For academic institutions wishing to enrol in this program for the first time, ICCP offers a trial for student and program assessment. 

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