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Certification Roadmap

You can enter the ICCP at any level from High School to the Professional to Executive level. So you can “ladder up” to the next level as your career progresses. Take a look at the up to five levels we have for the certification pathways that we offer. See where your competencies lie and what position you hold now or want to hold in the future. You can be sure that our certification signals to you and others, you are keeping current in the industry, are knowledgeable in your specific area, and are ethical in all of your business dealings.  

Note: It is allowable to take ICCP certifications without any academic qualification, however there is an experience requirement in most cases to even pass the examinations because there are many work-related scenario-based questions. 

Take a look at ICCP's certifications. Identify and decide which one and which level you are interested in pursuing.​

Choose a Certification


Submit your candidate membership application, including your resume, and pay your initial candidate membership fee. Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email notifying you.

Apply for Membership


Check out the available learning options, ranging from self-study guides to instructor-led courses. By purchasing an exam study bundle, you can save up to 20% depending on your certification choice.

Prepare for your Exam


You can purchase individual exams or exam bundles. Exam fees can be purchased from the online store, by calling us at 1.800.843.8227, or when you attend a conference or webinar.

Sign Up for the Exam


Each certificate requires continuing education hours – this helps to keep current on today’s latest industry knowledge. In addition, an annual membership fee is collected. See your specific credential for more information.

Maintain Skills & Knowledge


Explore and access additional study materials, examinations, and additional certifications at a low member cost to extend your portfolio of skills.

Grow your Skills Portfolio


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