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Public Sector Data Governance Professional

About the Certification

​PSDGP is specifically tailored for government employees and companies who work with government entities and their data. Data Governance in the Public Sector. Public sector organizations are in a unique position to improve their data governance. Traditional operating models in government are rife with overlapping datasets, information silos and limited data quality standards thus improving and enforcing data quality, collection and security are a key focus.  This credential is US-Centric including substantial focus on US Laws. A Canadian law version of the exam is available and one customized for Chinese data privacy laws is underdevelopment.

Passing Requirements

50% or higher

Professional Requirements

Adherence to the ICCP Code of Ethics

900 hours of direct experience in data governance or data stewardship.


Foundational Level

Certification Levels

Note: If you've achieved a foundation credential by taking the foundation level exams you must retake the exams at 90 minute duration (but at a significantly reduced member price) for any of the higher levels which are extended duration and variety examinations.

Certification Levels

About the Certification

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