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Information System Analyst

About the Certification

They are information systems specialists who analyze, test and assess systems requirements, develop and implement information systems, follow application development plans, policies and procedures, and follow strict standards for documentation for a wide range of information systems development efforts. They often work in changing business environments, must understand how processes change. These often lead to changes in the maintenance of existing systems, especially in large enterprises.


Information Systems Analyst Exam



Passing Requirements

50% or higher

Professional Requirements

Adherence to the ICCP Code of Ethics

Minimum 2 years of experience


Professional Level

Certification Levels

Note: If you've achieved a foundation credential by taking the foundation level exams you must retake the exams at 90 minute duration (but at a significantly reduced member price) for any of the higher levels which are extended duration and variety examinations.

Certification Levels

About the Certification

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